How to Fill EDV 2020 from Home for Free in Nepal

EDV 2019 From Home For Free In Nepal

US government has opened EDV Lottery 2020 form home from 3rd Oct 2019. There are no changes to the rule of filling the EDV Lottery form. The form of EDV 2020 will be closed on 7th Oct 2020.

There will be no charge be taken for filling up the form of DV by American Government through some local agencies like photo studio and cyber cafe take some service charge to fill the EDV 2020 form. The result of EDV 2020 will be published in May of 2020. Here below we are giving you the step by step methods of filling up the form of EDV Lottery 2020 from home from Nepal.

How To Fill EDV 2019 From Home For Free?

To fill EDV form you first you should have:

  • White background in 300×300 px resolution
  • Proper postal address such as Post. Box

Here are the steps how to fill up the EVD 2019 from Nepal:

Step 1: Go to:
Step 2: Read instruction on that website.
Step 3: Click ‘Begin’ to start.
Step 4: Submit when you are done.
You can follow this link for the discussion of EDV 2020 Nepal here.

You can also apply for EDV Lottery 2020 Online for Free by below:

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