Street Foods of Nepal

street foods of nepal

Food is one of the most basic requirements in life. Nepal is not only famous for its natural beauty and hospitality but also for the rich taste in every kind of foods. Street foods give the reflection of the society. Whenever you travel, it is important to get in the streets and taste wonderful and sometime weird street foods because street food show the real cultural and local taste.



Chattpatt are basically sold at the same moment and they are kind of snacks and sometime can also act as appetizer. Chattpatt is a mixture of different steamed vegies, roasted nuts, puffed or beaten rice, fried lentils, herbs and obviously lots of spices. 

Pani Puri:

pani puri nepali street food

Pani Puri is basically fried dough (Puri) in which spices, vegies and flavored water (Pani) is added by making a hole in the middle.


saphali street food of nepal

Saphali is the deep fried dough generally stuffed with buff, pork and other varieties of meat. It is generally served with the chili sauce and the origin of this dish is believed to be in Tibet (China). It is served hot and usually tend to be spicy but delicious.



Mo:Mo is basically the steamed dumplings stuffed with buff, pork, cheese or vegies. There are basically three varieties of Mo:Mo like fried Mo:Mo which is just a simple deep fried dumplings, second is Khotey Mo:Mo which is a slightly grilled steamed dumpling and third one is the C. Mo:Mo is the mixture of saute vegies and the steamed Mo:Mo. However there are some more varieties available in some expensive restaurants.



Samosa is the fried dough generally stuffed with mashed potatoes, lentils and other herbs which is served with ketchup or any sort of “Chatanni”. Jeri is a simple sweet prepared out of fried dough which is dipped is melted sugar before serving. Samosa is mostly spicy food.

Chattamari (Newari Cuisine):

chatamari street foods of nepal

Chattmari is pizza style pan cake with delicious toppings like cheese, eggs, buff, vegies and soon. This is a popular Newari Cuisine and extremely delicious. Whenever you eat Chattamari, there is a soft creamy and chewy texture at first and at bottom there is the crust. It taste wonderful and indeed makes everyone’s mouth watery.

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